My offerings

Experience You Can Trust

I love to connect with people in a variety of ways allowing my passions to direct me. I offer the following services:


Intuitive Soul Readings - 60mins via zoom


I have had the ability to 'know & feel' since childhood & discovered love for all forms of divination as I grew. Oracle cards are my passion which I use in combination with my psychic abilities, scrying and channeled messages.


Energy Healings Zoom - 1 hr


I love working with energy and a Certified Reiki Master, Seichim Master, (Isis & 7 facet Seichim), Seichim Sekhem Reiki (SSR) Master/ Teacher, Pellowah Therapist, Liquid Crystal Advanced Therapist, & Crystal Healer all beautiful modalities that can assist with energy clearing, balance and sense of inner peace.


Intuitive reading & healing


A 90min session designed to go deeper as we begin with an intuitive energy & card reading to assist in identifying key focus area for the energy healing.


Balancing 2020 3 x sessions


Session 1 - Soul Reading 45mins

This session focus on blockages, barriers, patterns etc that have surfaced in 2020 that need resolution & integration. We create space in the present moment unobscured and set a powerful intention for 2021.

Session 2

Crystal ball healing & alignment 60mins

We connect to  the physical body to gain a deeper understanding of souls messages. Through the use of crystals, channelling & meditation we clear the energy bodies to achieve balance. We refine & activate the intention from 1st session.This assists with removing barriers we put in moving forward.

Session 3

Oracle & channelled reading for 2021

This session is focussed on what we need to do for to fully embody our dreams and commit to our own journey, health & wellbeing. We clear any residual shadow to live our best life from a place of balance & harmony. 

The sessions are organic and personal to your unique situation and journey. 

Added extras:

•    A personalised gift we will activate

•    1 x booking in a monthly group

•    Cost is $333

•    Sessions must be booked upfront

•    Min 2 weeks between sessions

•    Sessions must be concluded by 31/01/2021

•    Payment plan available

•    All session need to be completed for full activation


Oracle card readings - Email only


Email readings available for specific questions.

1 question - $20 (24hr turnaround)

3 questions - $50 (2 day turnaround)

5 questions - $70 (3-5 days turnaround)


Bi-weekly & monthly groups


I offer a number of healing & reading groups that work with the Moon and our natural Earth cycles including:
- Dark Moon Healing group
- Full Moon Reading & release group
- Weekly Meditation group



Service Subtitle

Group & private mentoring in the following:
- Reiki
- Seichim
- Pellowah
- Crystals, plus creating grids & Chakra Balance
- Working with the Magic of the Moon
- Intuitive Development
- Oracle Card Reading