My Story

I have a deep respect for magic and Spirit, they are why I am still here...

It is my firm belief we all deserve to be loved, heard and feel safe in this world, and its through a deep & sacred connection to our physical body and the soul that we truly have the chance to heal and be at peace in this life-time. Life is about balance and our physical bodies are the key to self-respect, to find balance and be in perfect harmony with our beautiful Earth, Spirit and our Soul.

Highly intuitive and deeply sensitive I have been reading tarot cards and peoples energy as long as I can remember, it's who I am. My childhood was disrupted by addictions, violence and instability. Home was not my haven and I escaped into my head and literally checking out, through the process of survival I lost a sense of self and connection with my body. During my teens I developed an eating disorder, anorexia gave me a sense of control but also feed my sense of unworthiness. This addiction/ disease has followed me through life and its not until my 40's when I allowed it once again to swallow me that I surrendered to this abyss and made the decision to face it head on.

During my own healing journey and quest for knowledge I have been certified in many different types of energy healing including Reiki, Seichim, Pellowah, Crystal Healing & Oracle Card Reading. I am a qualified PT Cert III and currently studying for my PT Cert IV, Nutrition VI and 2nd year Astrology student. The greatest healing and knowledge though has come from facing my demons and spending time with them, acknowledging the parts I don't like and learning to be comfortable within my own body and feel peace. It's a daily journey and it takes work and dedication, but I finally feel I'm worth it.

My love of magic and faith in the unseen and often unexplainable has kept me going through many of life's challenges.

I offer sessions & workshops in all of the above modalities as well as regular meditations & workshops. I love the healing power of our Earth and working with the natural rhythms & cycles of Gaia, the Moon and our star system.

My sessions come from the heart, love of self has always been my greatest challenge and teacher, it is my passion to assist others to see their true worth and uniqueness, giving them the ability to heal, as others have helped and guided me.